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– C.P.R. Established 2014, Fountain Valley, CA as a Christian-Punk-Rock band. Our goal as a band is all about service with Gods heart for all who get in our way.

We are the Anti-Anti band, a double negative makes a positive.

The core of the band is Greg Hill aka: Jet Wilson (lead vol/ guitar)  Jacob Hill (vol/ bass) & David Hill (drums). In 2017 Rod Crowell, from  Saul of Trsus, joined on (vol/ guitar).

C.P.R  debut show was recorded on Oct 31st 2014 called “Live At Fuzion” that was released 2015 on “RavenFaithRecords” . One tear later studio EP called “In The Business” was release on RFR, SkyBurnsBlack & ThumperPunkRecords. C.P.R. Is also on 4 Compilation Releases.

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CPR (Christian Punk Rock ) Releases, “In The Business”



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